Digital Radiology


Green River Veterinary Hospital has made the substantial investment to install a new Fuji Computed Digital X-Ray System so we can continue to provide our patients with the latest in state of the art high tech diagnostic equipment.

This new form of radiographic imaging eliminates the need for film and developer. Image processing is done electronically so we do not use any toxic chemicals in the processing of our X-Rays, thus making our radiology department greener and more environmentally friendly. X-rays are now faster, easier, and less stressful to our patients and digital images are available immediately for viewing on the computer monitor.

This new computed technology and software allows our doctors to enhance quality and enlarge the images for close analysis, therefore much more detail can be seen on digital x-rays.

Dr. Edwards can view the x-rays on any computer monitor in the hospital including the portable tablet computer he carries with him. With a click of a mouse, and within seconds, images can be sent directly to board certified radiologists, at multiple locations throughout the United States, for consultation.

Digital radiography is used extensively in human medicine and now our animal patients benefit from it as well. This latest addition and investment is another example of our commitment to cutting edge technology and quality of patient care at Green River Veterinary Hospital.